Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tropical Tuesday- Paradise Beach

If you Google Search 'Paradise Beach', you'll get almost 60 million results. There are Paradise Beaches in Cozumel, Mykonos, Barbados, Thailand...just about anywhere you can find a beach you can find one that is called 'Paradise'. There's even a Paradise in Newfoundland, although I really wouldn't want to hang out there in the winter and it doesn't have a great beach. (Sorry guys, but this is a Tropical Tuesday blog!)

So I checked out a few of them. I've been to the one in Mykonos. Lovely, but not my choice for late February. And Barbados looks amazing, especially without a current huge conglomerate resort to take over the prime beach area (although there is one set to open soon...)

My favorite of all was this place: Paradise Beach Mauritius. (click on the link to see the apartment/villa resort)

Photo from Paradise Beach
Um, yeah.

Paradise Beach Apartments
Not bad. Not bad at all. I think another great choice for a writer's retreat! I didn't even look at how much it would cost to go there, but hey...getting to Paradise shouldn't be easy.

Have a great week!



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