Saturday, April 20, 2013

Happy Saturday!

Spring is trying it's darndest to make an appearance in Eastern Ontario, but this morning's snow/ice pellet squall was a little reminder that it's not summer yet! Research for the sequel I'm working on has taken me online to lonely beaches and rocky shores all over the Atlantic Coast and I'm ready for summer.

Well hullo! Whatcha doin in there?
But the good news is that with the melting snow and the warmer (ie ABOVE freezing) temperatures, the snow has almost melted here. Cue outdoor riding, gardening, running (*hack, gasp*) and reading. Yay! Thought you would all like this pic of my DD's horse greeting me in my car. She was riding on the field by our driveway when I came home from the day job this week. I tweeted it, but I thought I'd repost. He's a cutie.

Is it warm where you are? What spring rituals are you working on this weekend?


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  1. It's starting to warm up here. It's been in the upper fifties off and on and I'm loving it! Your daughter's horse is adorable. I love that picture!


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