Thursday, June 6, 2013

Throwback Thursday: The F Factor

Go team D4K!
Firstly, did you enter my little contest? See my contest post below. Contest closes on Monday the 10th, so hurry!

Also, did you see THIS fabulous press release at Jolly Fish Press? Yippee! I want to hug it. I want to print it off and laminate it and post it on lampposts and bus stations and send one to all of my friends. Seeing as I live in the boonies and there are no lampposts or bus stations to be found, I'm doing the next best thing...I'm blogging about it. :)

Me hanging out in a Griffin
Search and Rescue Helicopter
In honour of this momentous occasion, I thought I'll be linking you back to some of my This Mom is Overdunne (see tab above) blog posts over the next few weeks. My Overdunne blog started as a writing/military family blog, and I documented a lot of my thoughts and feelings about life as a 'dependent' during that time. One of my favourite posts was in the middle of a deployment--while my husband was in the Middle East on a six month tour. It's the tiniest bit controversial...but it really expresses how I felt during that time. I'm not generally a swear-er (is that even a word?) but there are some days where you just need to say something vile to get it out of your system. It also gives you a bit of background on why I wrote DEPENDENT. You can find the post HERE.

How is your F factor today?


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