Thursday, July 4, 2013

Seven great things from the USA

Happy 4th of July!

I may live in Canada, but have spent more than half of my life within 50 miles of the great U-S-of-A. In fact, some of my very best memories arise from years spent on the coast of Maine with my family, swimming on the Outer Banks, and--of course--walking through the gates of 'The Happiest Place on Earth'.

So because today is a day to celebrate the United States (or America Day as my kids used to call it) I'd like to share seven wonderful things about America on the Fourth.

1. Two of my favorite (note the lack of a U in favorite. I did it just for you guys) people were born there. I'm not talking about Oprah or Walt or any celebrity. Nope. My wonderful husband hails originally from the US. And while we were on a posting in North Carolina we were blessed with our youngest, a beautiful baby girl.

2. My amazing agents, Jenn and Fran at Literary Counsel. Not enough superlatives to describe these two. So lucky to have found them with the help of another wonderful American, Tina Moss!

My favorite little American on the Coast of Maine
3. The coast of Maine. As I mentioned above, some of the happiest memories of my childhood Machias, ME. Eating lobsters fresh from the wharf, climbing over rocks and seaweed, searching for sea glass on the many great times spent at my grandfather's cottage. Some of these memories may just be finding their way into my current manuscript.
happened on a beautiful coastline near

4. The Outer Banks. We had the great fortune to spend two years in North Carolina on an exchange posting with the US Coast Guard. Two amazing years, in which we met people we still chat with regularly--both Coast Guard and civilian. Our lovely neighbours had a beach house on the Outer Banks, and we visited the beaches often on day trips. Hush puppies and crab cakes and sand between your toes. What more could a girl ask for?

5. Jolly Fish Press. I love hangin in the fish tank! Can't wait to see DEPENDENT hit the shelves. You JFP folks are awesome.

6. My cousins. The Connecticut Coreys are the best. Hope you are all having a great 4th! Wish I could be there to share it with you!

And lastly...

7. Chocolate Chip Cookies! Call 'em Toll House, or call 'em delicious. Those little bites of yumminess are American through and through, and I think I need to make some now.

Hope y'all have a stupendous day, however you are spending it!


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