Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cross Canada Adventure Update

So today my family arrived at our fourth stop on our cross-country trip to our new destination: Portage La Prairie. My husband did his pilot training her waaaay back when, and we were hoping to look around. Only one small problem with this. Portage is under a State of Emergency. They are threatened with huge flooding. The water is supposed to crest tomorrow at 30 cm (1.5 feet) higher than the devastating floods a few years ago.

And into this we drive...the five Dunnes, horse in tow.

We are currently safe and sound in our hotel, and the horse is safe in his stall at a local equestrian facility. There are construction vehicles and workers and sandbaggers everywhere. But the town is functioning pretty much normally other than that. I'm amazed at their resilience. We even tried to find out how we could help, with our limited time here, but it seems to be well under control. So we did what families do when they are driving across the country...we played in the pool and on the  waterslide... while watching the dump trucks full of sandbags drive by. It was a bizarre evening. Tonight we will sleep lightly.

We'll get up in the morning, and hopefully pull out before the water reaches it's peak. But the people here will have to keep going on. You can find out more about the floods HERE, and if the call arises, donate to the farmers and local families who will undoubtedly be hit hard.

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