Friday, August 17, 2012



Presenting the fabulous results of Streetlight Graphics cover magic! I am absolutely over-the-moon excited about this. They have done a fabulous job of taking an image and making it shine. A little bit of mystery, little bit darkness, and a whole lot of don'tchawannagobuyit? I love how we managed to stay true to the time period (the story is set in the early 1800s) and yet jazz up the picture with flame-inspired color.

Thank you so much to my father, David Corey, for the image taken at Kings Landing Historical Settlement in New Brunswick, Canada. A native New Brunswicker, I've seen this mill many, many, many times...and it serves as the main setting. Want more information about Kings Landing? Check out this link-- their brand spanking new website. Want more information about my book and when/where it will be released?  Stay tuned!

So what do you think? Like it? Let me know what you think. See the little comment box down there? Click it and type in your thoughts! I'd LOVE to hear them!



  1. Looks fabulous Babe! New York Times Bestseller list next! Congrats for seeing it through to fruition. Tom

  2. Spectacular, Brenda! You are amazing!! Lori Smith

    1. Thank you for your kind support Lori! I appreciate it!

  3. I can't wait to read it. You are incredible!

  4. Thanks Kristine! I hope you enjoy it. It's all very exciting for me, and the support everyone has shown has been overwhelming. I have such wonderful friends, family and followers! :)